How to enlarge bottom icons on mac

Eliminate space-hogging programs Storage space is precious, and macOS includes giant apps you may not be using, such as iTunes pre-Catalina systems , iMovie, and Garage Band.

Dropbox support reps don't seem to know how Dropbox for Mac works.

And you may have installed big apps you no longer need. If you want to get rid of them, you can open your Applications folder in the Finder, sort it by size, and then drag unwanted apps to the Trash. For a more comprehensive housecleaning, download AppZapper , which deletes applications as well as supporting files and folders. It can list all installed apps by size to pinpoint the biggest space hogs. Find and kill resource-hogging apps It happens to everyone at some point: macOS slows to a crawl and the cooling fan whirs.

macOS Mojave: The Missing Manual by David Pogue

Figure out which program often a web browser playing video is hogging the processor or memory by launching the Activity Monitor app. Fortunately there are plenty of free antivirus programs that actually zap a wide range of malware and tracking exploits, without putting much strain on your system.

Related: How to wrangle your passwords without going crazy. A Standard account, in contrast, requires you to enter your username and password for app installs or other OS changes, preventing malware from slipping by.

By Sean Captain 6 minute Read. Change the look and feel Change screen magnification and text size macOS can pack a lot onto a high-resolution screen. Use Scaled Resolution to pack more or less detail onto the screen.

Magnify Dock Icons Instantly in Mac OS X

Decide which are worth your attention. You may find Dark Mode left and Night Shift right to be easier on the eyes. The show Desktop hot corner may be the single macOS feature I use the most.

Mac OS X - How to Add and Remove Icons / Apps From Toolbar

See at an instant what apps are running and switch quickly between them. You can quickly spiff up photos with the Preview app. With awareness of places and now people, Reminders has become a mini personal assistant.

Though not perfect, dictation improves the more you use it. Notes has evolved into an AI-enabled multimedia manager.

Customize the Quick Actions

Find out what program is slowing your system to a crawl with Activity Monitor. Avast is a lightweight, effective, and free malware scanner.

1. Change your Desktop background

Decide which programs—if any—can know where you are. Fight malware by requiring a username and password to make app or system changes.

How to Lock the Dock Size, Position, and Contents in OS X – The Mac Observer

Design Co. Move your mouse to drag the item button to the desktop, trash, folder or another area and then release the mouse button to drop the item where you want to store or dispose of it. Based in Southern Pennsylvania, Irene A. Blake has been writing on a wide range of topics for over a decade. Skip to main content.

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Open the Launcher window on your Mac. To re-add an item to the Launcher, click and drag it to the Launcher window and release your mouse key. Accessed 14 August Removing Things From the Launcher on a Mac.