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Using a USB Gamepad as a MIDI controller? | NI Community Forum

If there is any gear you would like us to take a closer hands-on look at, let us know in the comments section below or shoot us an email. There a number of customized controller options some of which we will be taking a closer look at in future Logic Pros articles that are specifically tailored to software counterparts like the Native Instruments Complete Kontrollers , or the popular Abelton Live grid controller options.

While these might work great for some, with a few simple moves, we can have just about any MIDI controller communicating with Logic Pro X in a completely customized way. After making the assignments, LPX will remember your set-up and have it just as you left it every time you open another session up. As far as transport controls play, stop, skip, etc.

Overview - What is Morph?

It is also a good idea to check with the manufacturer to see if they have a Logic Pro X map that can be downloaded. I always like to leave a few open so that I can make assignments on-the-fly based on a particular creative situation.

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Do you have any other joystick type plugins installed? Try uninstalling them and see if that works.

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If you do, delete them! So no need to have the dll files anymore. This looks really useful but it looks like it wont work with r Any chance of getting a recompile for R20? Hi James, Thanks for your interest! Being a free plugin I will be posting up beta versions when I get the rewrite to that stage. I tried this plugin and I loved it! Thanks for the kind words! If you have any feedback for v2. Click here to cancel reply.

Faxi Nadu - Using a Gamepad / Joystick as a Midi Controller Tutorial

Control4D 30 August Categories: C4D Goodies. Thank you for making this available! I just built a controller with a uHID nano and it looks like all the inputs are communicating with the Multicontrol!

I have tried with PT with no luck but I think I saw somewhere else Ableton worked and was going to try tonight. Hi alexarje, got the connection issue solved.

ControllerMate v4.11.1

I resolved it first in Ableton and then in PT. Huge thanks for helping me finish a huge class project this quarter!!! The only way I can seem to do this is by dragging the MIDI range from 0 to the number I need — which creates a note-on, note-off arrangement — but it seems difficult or impossible to be precise within one or two numbers, the box is very small.

Hopefully that will do the trick! Sorry about the late reply. Great that you have figured it out.

Yes, you can edit the XML file as much as you like. It would be good to include more advanced settings in the application, but unfortunately I have not had time to implement new features in this application for a while. It is open source, though, so if anyone wants to take the source patch and modify it, please go ahead! Thanks very much for getting back to me confirming what I hoped about the xml file. I was very impressed at how quickly it registered the controls as they were moved, and I was able to test it enough to know that it would work as planned.

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Which OS are you on? This is a great app. Need to spread the word. One question is there any way that multicontrol can access 2 controllers simultaneously? I would like to use both at the same time, currently multicontrol is picking up the player 2 only. Thanks for your interest in my software. Adding support for more than one game controller at a time is on my to-do-list. Hopefully, someone else can pick up on this and implement multi-HID-support.

Which page have you been trying. Did you try the link here? I will try another OSX version tomorrow. Hi alexarje, I finnally was able to download and extract the v. If You fixed the ability to Save. And i would be more then Happy to make a Paypal Donation towards your work and the addition of these features.