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The 50 Best Mac Games Out Now

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Top Bottom. Question Restarting every time i load into a game. Today at PM. Discussion Do you like artistic style in video games? Yesterday at PM. Question my pc crashes whenever i try to start a game. Question What single player mode games are the most CPU-demanding? Question Game running at 1 FPS tried everything. Question FPS locked on all games, no sync, no fps limit. It has 8 wonderful racing tracks and 7 unique gameplay modes.

The game has a brilliant gameplay and amazing graphics that makes it fun to play. As of , it had 5. It has a 4. You can easily upgrade your cars in the garage and choose from the best cars available. The game is free to download and allows the players to have a wonderful gameplay experience. This is definitely one of the top car racing games of The game boasts its wonderful graphics that improves the gameplay experience ten-folds.

It is a thrilling, addictive game that features the best, luxury cars, top brands like Ferrari or Laborghini. You can pull off the craziest stunts and drive your car with full speed across different locations around the globe. The game offers in-app purchases and is available for Android 4. Published by Electronic Arts, this game features 18 amazing racing tracks cars from 30 top manufacturers like Audi, Bugatti, Ford, Ferrari and the likes. This game can easily top the list of the top car racing games of The game has brilliant graphics and gorgeous environment.

Developed by Gameloft, this game was released in November GT Racing 2 gives you the real car-racing experience. The game features 67 cars from top manufacturers. It boasts its high-quality graphics and can be played multiplayer or solo. With amazing rating of 4. You can race with up to 12 opponents, easily customize and upgrade your vehicles.

Humble Bundle. Mac App Store. We have tested over 10 new games released since this guide was first created in September and decided to crown a new all-around champion. We do receive tens of review copies by email each week, but most are largely ignored. Dirt Rally is nowhere near as serious as our runner-up, F1 , but is still damned entertaining.

What makes Dirt Rally our top pick? It can be a challenging and precise simulation or a fun and casual racer; all you need to do is adjust the settings and assists to match your preferences. Dirt Rally also sports gorgeous graphics with realistic cars competing at top speed in beautifully rendered snowy forests, deserts or plains. Both games look great. DiRT Rally does have a noticeable advantage over F1 this is a brilliant port that runs smoothly on a wide range of machines, including older Macs with integrated graphics.

It even performed great on our inch MBP, which ran the game at a respectable Hardcore racing fans, stop your search right here. With its screaming V8 engines, chess-like strategy, and extreme handling, this is one of the most realistic Mac race games on this list. That realism makes it a challenging game indeed but put in the effort and the game pays you back with interest.

[Speed Car Fighter 2014 HD] - THE Best Racing Game (on the Mac App Store)

The game also features every car and circuit from the official Formula 1 season, a huge career mode, a new gameplay mode, invitational events, and basically everything a Formula 1 fan could ask for. Choosing between F1 and Dirt Rally was a tough call. F1 is a superb game and the only reason Dirt Rally earned our first pick is because it appeals to a larger audience.

Simulation Vs. Arcade Racing Shootout!

While Dirt Rally can run on most Macs released since , F1 is a more demanding game. PS : The fact F1 runs better than the older F1 is proof that Feral Interactive used dark magic on this game or probably the excellent use of Metal 2. In this kart racing game, you get to choose one of the 20 SEGA characters available, such as Sonic the Hedgehog or Crazy Taxi, and race your way through insane tracks. But worry not.

follow link What it lacks in originality, it makes up for in polish, a good AI, and a ton of fun. Plus, it features split-screen gameplay, making it a great party game for when you have friends over. In spite of its beautiful and colorful graphics, this is a forgiving game that runs just fine on older Macs with integrated graphics.

In our tests, even our inch MBP ran the game at FlatOut 2 is a demolition derby game, with absolutely no limits. Often hailed as the highlight in the FlatOut series, almost everything in this game is destructible.

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The tracks are designed to be fast, dangerous, and to promote edge-of-your-seat driving. With over destructible objects on each track and 40 deformable pieces on every car, this game guarantees chaos with every race. The multiplayer is no longer functional, but the AI is programmed to kill and is more than capable of serving your needs.

Plus, older games tend to have lower requirements. The successor to the popular GRID, this game had a lot to live up to.

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With a huge selection of cars and real-world tracks, GRID 2 features a variety of modes where you can overtake as many opponents as possible, drift your way down a hill, or race through the streets of Paris. But what really sets this game apart is how it combines realism and ease-of-play. Grid 2 is not as hardcore as Gran Turismo, but it takes the best from the simulation genre and puts it into a more manageable package.

Plus, the physics engine makes every car feel different. I love this game so much, I still prefer it to the newer Grid: Autosport. And to top it all off, Grid 2 has relatively low system requirements, ensuring most gamers will be able to run it.